3M Half Face Respirator (M)
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The 3M 6200 Half Face Mask Respirator Reusesable

-This series combines comfort and convenience

-Comfortable soft, lightweight facepiece with easy-to-adjust head straps

-NIOSH approved for negative pressure air purifying and supplied air dual airline applications

-Can be disassembled, cleaned and reused

-Replaceable cartridges and filters allow reuse of facepiece for cost savings


The 3M 6300 Half Face Mask Respirator Reusesable

-offers the user comfort and convenience-coupled with cost savings

-Each facepiece is remarkably comfortable, soft, lightweight and easy to adjust

-NIOSH approved for negative pressure air purifying and positive pressure dual airline applications

-The low-maintenance design maximizes time required to maintain the product; just clean as directed between uses and reduce the need for expensive repair programs. Superior gas, vapor, and particle filtration when used with 3M filters and cartridges Compatible with dual airline systems Includes easy-to-adjust head straps for a tight, comfortable fit Made of durable TPE material for longer life and less costs For use with 6000 series filters which is not included.