Duran Distilling Flask Engler
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Duran Distilling Flask Engler 


  • Uniform wall thickness distribution makes these flasks ideal for heating applications and destillations.
  • DURAN® laboratory glassware, including heating vessels, has very good thermal-shock resistance (?T=100 K) and a high operating temperature (+500 °C).
  • Not only the glass type but also its uniform wall thickness distribution are critical in preventing uneven expansion and stressing of the glass which could result in failure. For this reason, wall thickness distribution is, as a vital quality characteristic, continuously checked during the production process
  • Due to the uniform wall thickness distribution suitable for very high temperature changes.
  • The printed scale on many items of DURAN® laboratory glassware is indicative with an accuracy of ±10 %. Therefore the items are not suitable for use as volumetric glassware.
  • The products are not designed for use under differential pressure or vacuum conditions.


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